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Language Education Policies in Catalonia, Spain

The reach of the Catalan language extends through the region of Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, the Valencian and Murcian Communities (just a few hundred speak Valencian), Roussillon in southern France, the country of Andorra, some border zones between the regions of Catalonia and Aragón, and the city of Alguer on the island of Sardinia.  Speakers of Catalan number between eight and nine million, excluding those with passive comprehension of the language, bringing the number to 11 million.  Catalan is a Romance language with Latinate roots, similar to Spanish, French, and Italian. 

In 1978, Catalonia became an autonomous community with Castilian Spanish as state official language and Catalan as regional official language.  Educational linguistic policy from 1983 and 1998 reinforced an immersion educational system, where Catalan serves as the language of instruction in non-university teaching, and bilingual proficiency in both Catalan and Castilian is a mandatory outcome.  However, those having completed compulsory schooling before 1988 (currently age 40+) received most formal instruction in Castilian.  Additionally, extensive economically-driven internal migration in the 1960s and 70s from regions such as Andalucía, Extremadura, and Castilla-La Mancha resulted in a significant population of native Castilian-speaking schoolchildren.  Thus a large number of the current adult population was not schooled in academic Catalan.  For this reason, native-born Catalans (numbering more than 25,000) currently study the language in classes offered by the region’s language consortium (Consorci per a la Normalització Lingüística) alongside non-natives (approximately 76,000).

The current language-in-education debate in Catalonia centers on a push by the Spanish government for Catalan schools to offer Castilian as a possible medium of instruction alongside Catalan.  Catalan officials view this project as infringing on the regional prerogative to organize education and threatening Catalan proficiency.  The move is part of a larger educational initiative by the central government to standardize curricula in hopes of improving the quality of public education. 



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