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Tentative schedule--last updated 6-26-18.

Day 1- Inauguration and Disaster Awareness Workshop

10 am: Introduction, briefing on schedule- Francois Tochon


1030 am: Inauguration of Deep Institute: Francois Tochon


11am: Presentation of the Deep Institute: Francois Tochon

Dr. Tochon gives an overview of Deep Education and its potential to instill change in higher education, defining depth as a requirement for teaching, and the mission of DI, above all learner autonomy.


12pm: independent lunch in town (a map with suggestions will be provided)


Disaster Awareness Education Workshop

August 13, 2018, 2pm to 5pm

Pyle Center, Langdon Street, Madison, Wisconsin


2:00pm: Opening by Prof. Chuang, International President of The Deep Institute: Why Disaster Awareness Education?


2 :10pm: Prof. Francois V. Tochon, Deep Institute, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Disaster Awareness Education: Impacts of Earth Changes On Humans

At a time the Earth magnetic fields have been weakening, flipping polarity according to Scientific American, solar flares, volatility and increase in the Schumann Resonance create new situations for the human body affecting Earth-brain interactions, and creating a series of disasters such as intensified storms and volcanic activity, and rarefied ionosphere. Education and research on how to accommodate these drastic changes in the planetary EM field and stabilize neuro-psychological processes is non-existent.


2 :30pm: Prof. Lynet Uttal, Clinical Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison:

Impact of Disaster for Refugees and Immigrants After They Arrive in the United StatesDisasters are what create movement.  What happens after the movement of people who are responding to crisis?   This short talk will identify the typical concerns that families, individuals, and children have with culture, employment, community and re-establishing their lives after they have resettled in the United States. 


3 :10pm: Dr. Kristine M. Harrison, Curriculum Director at Deep Institute, researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison:  How to Teach About Disaster Awareness? Examples from the Caribbean hurricanes disaster of late 2017 and the future Deep Caribbean Studies Certificate.



3 :30pm: break


3 :45pm: Discussion panel – What Curriculum and What Courses for Disaster Awareness Education? (guest panelists: Lynet Uttal, Mimi Bloch, Christa Bruhn?)


4 :40pm:  Dr. Connie Lent, Compliance Officer at The Deep Institute and outreach specialist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison:  The Deep Institute School of Humanitarian Studies—its purposes, mission, and programs.


5:00pm: closing


Details of the program for Days 2 & 3 are forthcoming.