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Summer 2018 Teacher Training & Registration

Pyle Center from the lake. Photo by Jeff Miller/University of Wisconsin Madison
Deep Institute Inauguration
Pyle Center, 702 Langdon Street
Madison, WI (USA)
August 13-15, 2018

Summer 2018 Conference

Deep Institute Inauguration


Deep Institute: Disaster Awareness & Teacher Training

August 13-15, 2018

Day 1- Inauguration and Disaster Awareness Workshop

Day 2- Pedagogy, Standards, Learning Management System

Day 3- Accreditation, Instructor Agreements & Development

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A number of researchers and practitioners in various fields have alluded in their works to the importance of reaching depth in their field. Quite a few demonstrated that taking depth into account would help re-conceptualize their field in a way that would support a paradigmatic shift. Their works have been met more or less with success, but depth so far has not been understood as a trend. These researchers have not been connected across fields.  Now it is possible to promote a large gathering of interest around a deeper approach to knowledge. The Deep Institute Rationale calls for scientists and researchers in various fields of knowledge to recognize the importance of moving the academic world away from simplistic definitions of reality with their subject-object Cartesian split, and move ahead towards implying the synergic and synchronistic, multi-causal forces of connectivity and poiesis. The conference addresses the new role of educators in the post-development process. It discusses the rationales for a unified taxonomy in education, and the ways to organize the complex conditions for a deeper approach to the disciplines we learn and teach.

Day 1: INAUGURATION Monday 13 August

 10AM Introduction Briefing on schedule

10:30AM Inauguration of the Deep Institute

11AM Presentation of the Deep Institute

12PM Independent lunch in town

2PM Free Afternoon Workshop: Disaster Awareness Education

5PM closing


Day 2: TEACHER TRAINING 1 Tuesday 14 August

9AM Deep Pedagogy – Face-to-face, online, hybrid: Fundamentals, Principles, Applications, and Evidence

10:30AM Break

11AM Deep Quality Standards Guidelines for course and program creation and compliance

12PM Independent lunch in town

1PM Learning Management System – Online management, instructor status, local institutes

2:30PM Break

3PM Practice – Select a School, a program, name and design courses, brainstorm and upload resources


Day 3: TEACHER TRAINING 2 Wednesday 15 August

9AM Deep Accreditation process – Organization

10:30AM Break

11AM Deep Teacher Agreement – Online management, tenure requirements, status, attachment to one local institute

12PM Independent lunch in town

2PM Further Education and Distance Collaborations

3:30 PM Closure and departure to future campus

4:30PM Sugarland Barn, Arena

6PM Gala Dinner ($25 per person) Old Feed Mills, Mazomanie


Day 4: Thursday 16 August

9AM-2PM Board of Directors Meeting, Blue Mounds

Site Visits: House on the Rock, Canoe on WI River
Details of the program are forthcoming.