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Launching Deep University's Courses January 2018

Deep University announces the launching of a set of introductory 1-credit courses in January of 2018. The initial course list focuses on exposing students to what Deep Education and Deep Approach to Language Learning are. These courses are primarily related to teaching and learning with a goal to showcase the theory, principles and practice of Deep Education. Please visit THIS LINK HERE (link forthcoming) to register for courses or email for information:


The list of LEP-related SNAPcourses includes:


Language Education Policy for Higher Education: Translanguaging in a Plurilingual Environment: (This course is Deep University’s Language Education Policy: You will learn the basics of what the LEP and these terms mean in the context of Deep University)

Deep Language Education Policy & Peace

Deep Language Education Policy for Refugees & Displaced

There will also be a few professional development courses, including English, Academic Writing, and Introduction to Deep Early Childhood Education. Other courses include:


Introduction to Deep Education

Introduction to the Deep Approach to Teaching and Learning

Asking Transdisciplinary and Deep Research Questions

Intercultural Communication

Deep Intensive English Review

Deep Academic Writing (Trandisciplinary Approach)

Introduction to The Deep Approach to Language Learning

Memes and Semiotics for Analytic Writing Practice


Another list of courses to start very soon:


Semiotics & Film

Deep Early Childhood Foundations

Other Deep Academic Writing courses like Writing a Lit Review, Research Proposal etc. 



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